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    • Three Dungeon Run

      Three Dungeon Run

      This mod will allow you to seamlessly complete all mid-game dungeons, and final dungeons in one playthrough.

      It will also open up Laurent. To explore the Citadel I included the "Pass Guard" pak file from my other mod "Open Sesame".

      If you have already rescued Faerie in your playthrough, the mid-game dungeons and Laurent will open up after you
      complete at least one final dungeon. If you've already done the final dungeon, well... time for a new game plus.

      There are three pak files, which one you use depends on your main character.


      Use this if your main character is Duran or Angela.

      Once you complete the objective of rescuing Faerie in Altena, your objective will be upda...

    • Merging strings with other mods

      0. Install other mod that changes game strings

      !!! BACKUP your folder "Fallout 76\Data\strings" before next steps 

      1. Download and run xTranslator -

      2. Options -> Dictionaries and languages
           - check correct game path
           - select your language (Tagged plans support en and ru)

      3. File -> Load Esp/Esm
           - select SeventySix.esm

      4. Tools -> Load .Strings as translation
           - select your strings-file in Data\strings
           - select option Everything 

      5. File -> Import Translation -> XML files (xTranslator)
           - choose X...

    • I did it

      I really fixed it this time. Before install the mod, make true install the dll files.(As a matter of fact, I think it doeesn't whether thecharacter's voice is changed to th 16th female character's voice)...

    • API Rundown

      OStim is single threaded (only runs one animation at a time, no matter what) and asynchronous. It also fires a couple of events as well. All of the code of the mod is located in OsexIntegrationMain.psc. Functions under the "utilities" section will probably be the most useful to you.
      You don't have to worry about thread IDs or anything like that. Just grab the OStim main script, feed actors into the script and call functions in the script.
      Example A: start an animation and run code during it

      OsexIntegrationMain ostim = game.GetFormFromFile(0x000801, "Ostim.esp") as OsexIntegrationMain
      ostim.StartScene(playerref,  secondActor, zstartinganimation = "0MF|Cy6!DDy6|Sx|DoggyLiPopSxHT") ;start in the doggystyle position
      while ostim.animationrunning()

    • Drgaonborn's Dungeon Home

      Hello everyone!

      I am a fresh mod maker. This is my first mod. I'm still learning the Creation Kit to how to make mods with it. I just started it today.


      This mod (if it will be finished) will be a player home near Riverwood. I didn't decided yet where would the entrance be. 
      I want to put everything useful into it. Every crafting table, a froge and a smelter of course.
      And can teleport from the home to every travel point that you discovered.

      This mod is still in progress....

    • Edited Loc.ovl changelog

      Hammond Creation Lab = Creation Lab
      Velociraptor Pen = Holding Pen
      Gyrostation, Jurassic Tour
          Basic Tour   
          Audio-guided Tour   
          Video-guided Tour
      Park Tour = Park Drive

      *All general mentions of Pteranodons in the Aviary have been changed to Pterosaurs, if you want to use another mod to replace the species.

      Expedition Center = Paleontology Lab
      Fossil Center = Genetics Lab
      Research Center = Technology Lab
      Ranger Outpost = Ranger Motorpool
      ACU Center = ACU Headquarters
      Storm Defense Station (JP) = Weather Station
      Science Center = Jurassic Institute
      Security Center = Security Compound

      Hotel (JP) =...

    • Darkness Falls v3.1 Released

      A19.1 went stable, so Darkness Falls v3.1 is now released! Changes as follows.

      - Updated for A19.1b8
      - Rebalanced M60 and Rocket Launcher so they aren't quieter than a pistol.
      - Edited gun heatmap so screamers aren't called as often.
      - Edited gamestage so MP doesn't ramp up quite as fast.
      - Changed Quality Degradation so items of quality 5 or lower no longer break (they degrade to 1).
      - Reduced harvest amount of both augers by 50%.
      - Slightly reduced XP from mining.
      - Slightly lowered the cost of 44 Magnum AP/HP rounds.
      - Slightly lowered the cost of BOTH gunpowder recipes.
      - Killing a boss zombie SHOULD now remove it's buff on all nearby zombies.
      - Removed the supply crate mod for now since supply crates were buggy in...

    • fun

      fun playful activity

    • High Poly NPC Requests

      If you have a request, please check that it hasn't already been done (Zhalroth has quite a few) and, if not, send me a PM. Please bear in mind that I may need to request permission from the mod author and that such permission may not be granted. If I'm not familiar with the mod personally, I will also need time to investigate whether the NPCs are compatible with high poly swaps.

      Current Requests

      Adventurers of Skyrim - Need to request permission.
      Amiguitos CLUB SE - Open permission, investigating.
      Angry Nords - Need to request permission.
      Better Hunters - Open permission, investigating.
      Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE - Open permission, investigating.
      BZM Integrated Version Deluxe - Need to request permission.

    • Walkthrough

      Make sure Subtitles are on.

      Starting the quest:
      1: Talk to Havleif Vinterfell in Haelga's Bunkhouse he will then tell you to leave him alone and go bother Svana.

      2: Talk to Svana about Havleif.

      3: Talk to Havleif he will offer to sell you his land after talking him down from 65k to 15k.

      If you get stuck:

      Alternate between:

      Buying blueprints (must get all Blueprints).

      Building stuff (must build everything).

      Upgrading guard equipment/size/training (must get all upgrades).

      If you still have quest for passing laws alternate between passing laws aswell.

      There is also some mini quest lines that you will get and need to be completed before you can upgrade.

    • Key Locations

      I just wished to specify before I log out today that the key to the door portals and your room can be found to the RIGHT of Gyu'taal's lair door, on top of an end table. The key to the dungeon is found on the dinner table INSIDE your room, and key to the prisoners cages can be found in the secret room where the torturer is eating.
      I hope you enjoy this mod! It took me about a month to make the house alone and i'll be adding more spells to it as I go so keep a lookout for updates!
      - Benjamin, Daedric Prince of Stupidity....

    • Orange cat


    • Version 1.2

      Hey pilots
      Now the G58 Baron got two Liveries. 

      Dark Amazon
      comes with Amazon Logos, Orange Yoke and orange sunglass.

      Dark Classic
      now comes with Grey Yoke, dark sunclass and without all the Logos. A pure beauty 

      Both Versions now have nice looking seats with beechcraft logo .
      Leave me a comment so i can see what to do next ! 
      I hope you will like it. ;)...


      Hello People!
      Thank you for downloading my mod!
      If there are any issues please contact me on discord!
      anywho here is a list of the modded objects in the game.
      Epilouge Mission M45 Skybox
      Replaces Swordbase
      -Passenger seats
      Space Phantom
      -Shade Turret on Side
      -Passenger Seats
      Space Banshee
      -Destructable <...

    • kar98k


    • How my mod works

      If you have ever tried to use the console to 'disable' the drafting table and other items outside the Hearthfire homes you will have found it difficult.  This is because those items are all 'children' of an xmarker.  When the quest to obtain the land for the home is finished, the xmarker is enabled and all its children are enabled - except for those children whose status in the Creation Kit is 'opposite to parent', those child items are disabled, they were enabled in the first place precisely because the xmarker wasn't.

      It is very easy in the console to disable the xmarker, being a vanilla object its formid doesn't change and I could provide a one line bat file to do that.  Unfortunately you would lose the chopping block that comes with the drafting table, and any fallen tre...

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